A Man of Almost Immeasurable Genius

NOTE: Don't panic! It is now summer of 2018 and no uploads yet! (and I apologize) - BUT, I will begin to upload PDFs, text, audio recordings and still images until I master the "art" of video recording and editing (I made a mistake thinking it was easy having never done it, and it turned into a REAL PAIN in my seat warmer).

In 1931, forty two of the most prominent doctors from across the United States representing the best hospitals, top universities, and the most advanced biology labs dressed in their tuxedos and tails to join a celebration billed as:
The Celebration of the End of All Disease
(in Humans)

I don't know about you, but I sure don't remember hearing about this celebration in my history classes, or any of my science classes in school, either. 
Do you remember reading about this?
And they were SERIOUS, as this was NO JOKE!

If it had not been so effectively suppressed by powerful people using outright threats and advanced disinformation techniques, it truly would have been the end of all disease for us as a race of physical beings. And, had Dr. Rife not gotten involved with people who could not see past the dollar signs in their eyes, it really would be a different world today. But as they always say, better late, than never (and yes, I am smiling a very big smile for all human beings across this planet).

At that exact time in history, an industry was growing at breakneck speeds, one that would also change the world of medicine, but its hidden purpose was not directly for the benefit of mankind. It was, instead, for the goodness of powerful groups making them vast sums of money on the misery and partial cures treating symptoms with expensive "drugs" and various chemical concoctions as well as dangerous treatments with radiation and scalpels cutting away at human flesh. It was intentional, but not by all involved. Please don't blame your doctors or the researchers at these drug companies, since they are doing what they think is helping humanity. They are simply one more facet of humanity being used for massive profits over honest cures. It saddens me, greatly.

This will all change soon. We have taken the time to ensure that we are putting out information for the RIGHT REASONS (reasons of the heart vs. the wallet), and we are following THEIR rules and not breaking any of them, and we are therefore untouchable by the minions of enforcers of those horrible rules that I HOPE will soon be little more than archaic, historical gibberish.  Did you know that as of March 2017, the
U.S. Code of Federal Regulations was 134,723 pages in 201 volumes that took 19 feet of shelf space). Do you see a possible problem here?  I sure do...


Since I am NOT a doctor or a medical person of any kind, other than for my own family, I can share this
detailed information freely with you (from my family to yours) - yes, at NO COST!   I share it as a Family Home Remedy, from my family to yours, with love, and this removes the FDA from the loop entirely using their own laws. And since the plans instruct you to generate RF voltages and power levels that "could" emit signals if used in certain ways, we made sure that if you follow our instructions you won't BREAK ANY RULES that any OTHER agency of the US government could take issue with such as the FCC under their Parts 97, 95, 15, and other sections in their voluminous rules concerning RF energy generation devices causing interference on a variety of radio receivers. I am an FCC licensed Commercial Radio Engineer (and that plus $3 will get a small, burnt, Starbuck's coffee these days).

Hopefully, we will all make the FDA as useful as a bag of rocks on a sinking ship and it will go the way of the dinosaur (
along with all of its Bogus Rules and Regulations), as we teach everyone to acquire the inexpensive equipment, and show them them how to use this fairly simple technology to cure every disease known to mankind that is caused by a pathogen, be it viral, bacterial and even cellular fungi. I wonder if governments can be considered a dangerous pathogen? They certainly kill enough human beings - right?

Stay tuned to this web site, and while you are waiting for us to finish our videos and instructions, you may be interested in OVERHEARING what I am advising my children to do (it is my "Hot Stock Tip" for them):

I predict that 95% of these industries will go away over the next two to five years (justifiably) as the world learns to use Rife's Pure Genius (and so many other suppressed cures for various diseases and ailments). I assure you this will happen when humans discover THEY can cure cancer and most other truly dangerous diseases in the privacy of their own homes using a technology that has literally no side effects when used as Rife and the other doctors that used Rife's generators (some for as long as 30 years) discussed in great detail in their writings (yes, I have studied them all in great detail).

Proper use of the Rife Technology for prophylactic purposes (preventive care) as well as the treatment of diseases should end the need for all of the following things:
  • Mammograms
  • Colonoscopies
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy related to cancers
  • All Vaccinations
  • All Antibiotics
  • A lot of painful surgery

And of course, the high cost of Medical Care for human beings across the entire planet WILL FALL, considerably!  To be honest, I believe this pretty much eliminates the "Family Doctor" (until you fall off your bike or cut yourself on broken glass, or you needed stitches for any number of accidents... OK. I was wrong - we still need the doctors for quite a few things! But 75% of what they do will surely go away!) 

NOTE: In the near future, we will need people to translate all of the PDF and other text documents to every language on Earth. And I will gladly post them here and provide the bandwidth, although permission will be granted to post all of the videos and documents anywhere and everywhere, as long as it is as a complete set so the readers get all of the information (partial information could be worse than none at all).


        ODS      -  Open Office or Libre Office Spreadsheet
        ODT     -  Open Office or Libre Office Word Processor File
        PDF      -  Adobe PDF file
        TXT      -  Text Files (Plain Text with CR/LF end of lines)
        HTML  - a different page on this website
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        MP3      - a Compressed audio format (royalty free)  
MP4     -  a medium resolution compressed Video file from this web site,
                         plus YouTube uploads (unless they delete them...
                         they may, but I hope not).

  • Who was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and exactly what did he discover? (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF)

  • Introduction to Rife Technology and why it must be a "Home Remedy"  (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF) - Yes, sadly, this is a warning to Doctors concerning the use of this equipment. Until we MUZZLE the FDA, the AMA and Lobbyists of the Drug cartels, doctors using this technology are at risk of losing their licenses and their entire practices, and maybe even their lives...

  • Who is the guy that put up this site and what is his involvement in this, and what are his qualifications that relate to this technology?
    : He is someone who wants to see his family healed and healthy, and cares about helping ALL of humanity more than he cares about money(
    Video, MP3, PDF)

  • An honest discussion about cancer (you got it for a reason), and the story of a very nasty case of Basal Cell Carcinoma and its painless, rapid cure
    (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF).

  • List of equipment from multiple sources (PDF, ODS, ODT, JPG and HTML)

  • Exact, minimum specifications for each piece of equipment allowing users to find NEW pieces of equipment not currently on our list, and as yet unknown to this author (PDF)

  • Assembling the Equipment (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF)

  • A battery powered version in a nice, inexpensive, solid aluminum case for portable use, with optional Solar charger  (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF).

  • Maintaining the accuracy of your Rife Set-Up over years of use (PDF)

  • Frequencies & Diseases - these are ALL Low Radio Frequencies (approx. 2.0 to 4.0 MHz), and NOT audio frequencies as you may have heard elsewhere
    (PDF, TXT and ODS spreadsheet). This is not to say that all audio frequencies do not cure any diseases, but WE follow RIFE's data since he WATCHED the pathogens die with the frequencies he generated and he was crystal clear about EXACTLY what he was doing in his videos and on his meticulously kept lab reports.

  • Setting the Sweep Frequencies (the Start and Stop Freqs), setting RF Voltage levels, and Applying the RF energy to the entire human body  (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF).

  • Detailed Technical Discussion for those who want to build Rife generators or improve the ones you already build and sell including (engineers, technicians, inventors, companies, start-ups, Hams) and my ideas on how to make them:
    • Very inexpensive (even less than they are now),
    • Very effective, and
    • Very easy to use!
      (Video, MP3, JPG, PDF)

  • A Protocol to identify NEW frequencies (those not yet known) for existing diseases (pathogens) such as HIV, Rhinovirus (the common cold), Chicken Pox (and Shingles - same virus only dormant), and a few others I consider important when you don't have access to a Rife Standard No. 3 Microscope with over 30,000 Power of usable magnification, and you aren't a genius microbiologist, anyway. (PDF and Video)


  • HEALING WITH ENERGY AND FAITH - Discussion on the future and how humans should be able to cure themselves by directing the energy within their own bodies, and what humans are now learning that will make even Rife's discoveries a footnote in history, some day - soon, I hope (as we evolve further and learn who and what we really are, and what we are truly capable of!) (Video)

  • What is LEMF or LEME (Longitudinal ElectroMagnetic Frequencies or Energy)? - A discussion on how LEMR/LEME may be what is actually effecting the cure at the cellular level (killing the nasty critters), but it doesn't matter since what we are doing causes small amounts to be created and it works! Audio Discussion, possibly transcribed to PDF.

  • My final thoughts, ramblings, rants on Medicine today, governments today, and on humanity's future (or, "Wake Up People - Humans are changing... genetically, electrically, spiritually and it is happening rapidly and not everyone is happy about it! Pay Attention to your environment!"). 

Humbly, with Love and Hope for all of humanity,
your friend,

Richard Burgess

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